Welcome Life Force!

Welcome to the team! As you may already know, in addition to Dr. Wallach's 90forLife™ mission and YFast, Youngevity is actually a growing family of companies and brands.

Currently we have over 20 brands and 500 products that can meet your family's needs. Fortunately, as a Youngevity Distributor and/or Customer, you have access to all of these brands and their wide variety of products.

Best of all, you will enjoy wholesale pricing and if you are a distributor, you can earn a profit on all products sold– across all companies worldwide!

Please take time now to login to your Back Office account to confirm your address, update your password, and add payment information to your Autoship. Life Force Autoships will be delayed for the first week of June to give everyone a chance to make this update. You can also call into Customer Service and they will update your account. Please avoid sending us sensitive information by email or posting questions regarding this on Social Media.

We want to help you reach your goals and urge you to use our proven, simple system. The following resources will help you get started on the right track:

  1. Want to get started on the path to better health? Check out YFast, Youngevity's Intermittent Fasting Program, is a guide to intermittent fasting. Based on Dr. Joel Wallach's research, it emphasizes nutrient-rich foods and supportive products. For more information, visit Youngevity.com/YFast.
  2. Are you on Facebook? Like our Facebook page to stay in touch and chat with our community of Youngevity associates worldwide. Youngevity Facebook
  3. Please click here for complete schedule of Youngevity Product and Opportunity Conference Calls
  4. For New Team Member Orientation, Click here.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you!

-The Youngevity Team